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CallSat: Measuring the customer experience in your government call / contact centers

Why Use CallSat?

CallSat uses the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a renowned and patented satisfaction measurement methodology.  The ACSI is the world’s leading measure of the quality of goods and services in industry and government.  The Federal Consulting Group and CFI Group partner to bring this survey to federal call/contact centers.

CallSat provides you with specific, actionable findings about how your call center can serve your customers from their point of view.

You’ll get continuous feedback on your call center’s performance—ongoing measurement and reporting. Every day CFI Group contacts a sample of your customers who have just called your call center and asks them to complete a short survey. These results are available 24/7 on an online reporting portal, so you have access whenever you need it.

CallSat analyzes and reports the data so you can see how your call center is performing in critical areas, and also what areas have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.

Your scores are reported to you on a scale of 0 – 100 and can be benchmarked with both public and private organizations.

You’ll get actionable information that you can use to:

» View service trends over time
» Prioritize areas for training and development
» Set goals for customer service
» Allocate resources to optimize service quality

OMB Clearance

FCG has already obtained a generic clearance from the Office of Management and Budget for using ACSI surveys to assess the services of federal agencies. As a result, each new ACSI project receives expedited review and clearance—all taken care of by FCG.

To learn more about CallSat, call Susan Grow at the Federal Consulting Group, (202) 513-7671.



Last Reviewed: December 20, 2013

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