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New FCG Service Makes Proactive Communication with Your Citizens Effortless

The Federal Consulting group has partnered with GovDelivery®, the world' s leading digital subscription management system designed specifically for the public sector. GovDelivery empowers organizations to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively delivering new information through email and wireless alerts.

How GovDelivery® Works

GovDelivery is the only comprehensive email and digital subscription management system designed specifically for the public sector. GovDelivery Digital Subscription Management operates on proprietary Software as a Service platform. Its flagship technology monitors public sector organizations' websites for content updates and automatically sends personalized email and wireless alerts to interested citizens ‚Äď driving subscribers back to the website to view the new information. Email alerts can go directly to subscribers or to an administrator for approval and routing. Of course, emails can also be sent manually at any time.

GovDelivery® Benefits

Tells citizens when new information is available

You spend time, energy, and money creating information for your website; GovDelivery makes sure that citizens know the information is available.

Easy Implementation; Complete Automation; Simple Administration

With no hardware or software to install, GovDelivery setup can take less than 10 days. Automated web page monitoring and email (or wireless) alert processes coupled with simple administration tools allow you to quickly scale the system across all offices with minimal training.

More powerful than email list software
GovDelivery allows you to provide 10 to 40 times more subscription options, and generate 300% to 1,100% more subscribers than email list software.

100% compatible with current systems for seamless integration
GovDelivery is web-based so you don' t have to change the way you are managing content or user information.

Tangible and real ROI (Return on Investment)
GovDelivery helps reduce marketing and paper documents costs with typical ROI of 200% in the first year.

Easy-to-Use and Immediate Results

It' s as Easy as 1-2-3

1 Click link to sign up for
specific updates.
2 New users select additional subscriptions.
3 Enter email address and optional password.

FCG-GovDelivery® Partnership Benefits

  • FCG oversight helps you take a comprehensive and integrated approach to deploying GovDelivery alongside your other e-government tools, particularly ACSI.
  • Contract Efficiency: FCG selected GovDelivery through a competitive process; you can access GovDelivery by working directly with FCG.
  • Discounted pricing; no setup fees.
  • FCG approved.

GovDelivery is the world' s leading email subscription management system designed specifically for the   public sector and is used by organizations worldwide, including the US Department of Labor, State, Agriculture, and Commerce, U.K. Parliament, Norwich City Council (U.K.), California Department of Insurance, Oregon State Department of Human Services, Macomb County (MI), City of St. Paul (MN), and many more.

The Federal Consulting Group, a fee-for-service franchise in the U.S. Department of the Interior, works with federal agencies to transform public service. FCG collaborates with senior leaders to create a citizen-centered, results-oriented government and facilitates the sharing of best practices from both the private and public sectors.

For more information, contact FCG at (202) 513-7671.


Last Reviewed: December 18, 2013

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