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Media Analysis Measurement and Consulting

Smart leaders want to stay on top of how their messages are being received. But the rapid rise of social media has made keeping up harder than ever. The Federal Consulting Group makes sense of it all with affordable media solutions designed for public affairs officials.

Media Planning and Analysis

Communications with the public - whether they involve relaying information about emergencies, public health, policy changes, or new programs - are critical to government operations. Media analysis is the science of measuring the effectiveness of public communications to improve outreach methods, maximize resources, and ensure the right audiences are reached expediently.

Our media monitoring and analysis technologies scour millions of news outlets, websites, social media sites, and public comment areas to provide vital information, statistics, and insights that help government leaders better understand:

  1. Public Awareness about an issue or program
  2. Public Perception about an issue or program
  3. Erroneous Information sources
  4. Key Message uptake
  5. Benchmarks in performance vs. other agencies
  6. Trends in communication effectiveness over time, and
  7. Key influencers in the media or social media


Specific Functions Our Tools and Services Accomplish Include:

  • Monitoring all media sources, to include print, broadcast and electronic media for mentions of the agency’s name, program, or issue;
  • Assessing and understanding the agency media footprint, communication roadblocks, and overall media effectiveness;
  • Determining reactions from the media, blogosphere, and citizens about an initiative or event;
  • Surveying public sites for complaints, or website access;
  • Assessing the audience size and the buzz around a campaign;
  • Determining demographic and regional patterns how information reaches an audience;
  • Locating sources of erroneous and potentially harmful information on the Web;
  • Monitoring patterns in citizen engagement and satisfaction with government services;
  • Identifying the agency’s most important media allies communication platforms;
  • Analyzing outreach strategies and messaging that are the most and least successful;
  • Exploring the use of widgets or badges that you can utilize from other sites, or that you can create and use as viral marketing tools;
  • Planning more effective outreach campaigns both in new and traditional media outlets;
  • Helping to identify and target special populations or key demographic groups.

Media Dashboard

Do you know what people are saying about your agency, elected official, or organization? We do. Our media dashboard puts all your media outreach - online, social, and traditional - on one convenient screen, with powerful analytic and comparative tools for performance measurement.

Our analysts and services help determine how to best optimize a communications campaign, answering such questions as:

  • What are people saying about my organization?
  • How effective is my marketing and outreach?
  • Which organizations should I target to generate the greatest publicity?
  • How can I improve the speed with which my message is circulated?
  • How does my organization’s outreach compare against other government offices?
  • How many people am I reaching?
  • How has media coverage increased or decreased over the last week, month, quarter, or year?
  • What geographic areas am I hitting the most/ least with my media efforts?
  • On which platforms (e.g. Twitter, social networks, blogs, traditional media, etc) do I get the best return on investment for my marketing efforts?
  • Is there a correlation between our outreach efforts and customer satisfaction?

Media Analysis Metrics We Can Track


  • Traditional news mentions
  • Broadcast media mentions
  • Social media mentions
  • Number of viewers


  • Retweet frequency
  • Facebook growth
  • Twitter growth
  • Tone of reactions


  • Top authors & bylines
  • Top media outlets
  • Influencers reached
  • Percentile among peers in visibility metrics
  • Percentile among peers in engagement metrics
  • Key associations with org or message
  • Website prominence

Advanced Statistics

  • Correlation analysis (e.g. outreach vs. customer satisfaction)
  • Analysis of variance among groups/campaigns (e.g. deviations between office performance)
  • Predictive modeling (e.g. projected follower count)

Last Reviewed: December 18, 2013

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