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Measuring Online Performance and Satisfaction

Who We Are and What We Offer

The Federal Consulting Group, a fee-for service activity in the U.S. Department of the Interior, is the gateway to the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the federal government. The ACSI, developed at the University of Michigan in 1994, is the leading national indicator of customer satisfaction with U.S. products and services; and has been a standard metric in government since 1999. We work with our partner, ForeSee, to make the E-Gov ACSI available to federal agency websites.

E-Gov American Customer Satisfaction Index Methodology

Launched in 2001, ForeSee has developed an innovative technology that blends science, statistics, and economics to quickly and precisely measure the success of your website or E-Gov program. This technology relies upon the proprietary ACSI, which employs a patented, proven methodology to measure current customer satisfaction. The cause and effect nature of the methodology is a predictor of future customer behavior, such as a visitor returning to your website. It provides actionable data for you, as a manager or decision-maker, to make informed decisions, leverage scarce resources, and develop solid action plans based on statistically-valid metrics you can trust.

In addition, you will have the necessary data to satisfy the reporting requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993, the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010, and the E-Government Act.

Products and Services

ForeSee assigns a Satisfaction Research Analyst to your project who provides a high-level of personalized service through consistent communications. This representative ensures your success with the survey design, technical implementation, and data collection and analysis. ForeSee’s web satisfaction measures are delivered through three primary online components:

  • » Data collection through sophisticated pop-up survey technology with a targeted number of questions to minimize time and effort for website users.
  • » Data analysis powered by the ACSI methodology determines which site features have the most impact on users’ future behaviors.
  • » Data delivery includes an online collection of easy-to-interpret reports that provide accurate and actionable information, supported by personal client service analyses and recommendations.

Strategic Benchmarking Capabilities

ACSI scores are reported on a scale of 1 – 100 with an overall average for the Federal e-government in the low 70s. Benchmarking can be a powerful incentive to bring your website in line with or exceed agency or industry-wide averages in a similar field. Reports will provide your agency the capability to compare your ACSI scores against other agencies and businesses with regard to:

  • » Customer expectations
  • » Perceived quality
  • » Customer satisfaction
  • » Customer complaints
  • » Customer loyalty
  • » Customer retention

Reporting Capability

In addition to the continuous online reporting facility, ForeSee compiles numerous graphical reports that are delivered electronically using Microsoft Excel. These reports include a summary of your site visitors’ satisfaction, a map that prioritizes elements that need improvements, average responses for survey questions, trend lines, and others.

Who Are Our Customers?

We currently have over 200 E-Gov ACSI customers across a wide spectrum of Federal agencies and departments. These include GSA’s, State Department, Office of Personnel Management, United States Mint, IRS, Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Government Accountability Office, Library of Congress, and the National Science Foundation. The National Institutes of Health—whose MedLine Plus and other health sites are real customer pleasers—has contracted with FCG to provide ACSI assessment and improvement services to its websites—63 in all. We would like for you to be a customer, too.

Easy Implementation

We’re easy to work with. We offer a streamlined process that allows you to obtain our services quickly through an interagency agreement or similar arrangements that meet your agency’s requirements. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend months developing survey questions and getting the approval of the Office of Management and Budget. FCG has already obtained a generic clearance for using ACSI surveys to assess the services of federal agencies. As a result, each new ACSI project receives expedited review and clearance—all taken care of by FCG.

Contact Us about ACSI

For more information, contact Susan Grow at (202) 513-7671.

Last Reviewed: December 20, 2013

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