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Team FCG is staffed with career Federal leaders who have extensive experience in managing major programs and working with senior leadership to acquire the right services to achieve your organizational goals.

Team FCG

We work in collaboration with industry experts to...

Measure, Analyze, & Improve

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customer satisfaction with government service programs by delivering fast and measurable results to your agency and ultimately, the American people.



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senior leaders and teams through the sharing of current knowledge and developments in leadership and management best practices; to maintain an environment that encourages innovation and teamwork.


Partner with...

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senior leaders and managers to offer customized and cost-effective services that enhance leadership and organizational effectiveness at all levels.

Meet the Team

Our career federal leaders and consultants stay current with the latest management practices to help you meet your organizational challenges. Have a specific question or concern? Please, don't hesitate to contact a member of Team FCG directly.


Performance Measurement & Satisfaction

Luciana Adams                  

Project Manager

Email   luciana_adams@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-513-7679


Consulting Services

Doreen Vieira-Cross                    

Project Manager

Email   doreen_vieira-cross@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-779-0418

Kekoahauoli Tinnel      

Project Manager

Email   kekoahauoli_tinnel@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-981-1565

Jeffrey Barrows                    

Project Manager

Email   jeffrey_barrows@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202 725-8004

Michael Cunningham      

Project Manager

Email   michael_cunningham@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-617-5489


Digital Communication Management

Rafael Williams                    

Project Manager

Email   rafael_williams@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-748-3770


Coaching Services

Fei Cheng                         

Project Manager

Email    fei_cheng@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-794-2904

Sonia Stines Derenoncourt                       

Associate Director/ICF Certified Professional Coach

Email   sonia_stinesderenoncourt@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-748-3026



Third Party Investigations

Amethyst Taala                  

Project Manager

Email   amethyst_taala@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-934-2248

Jeffrey Barrows      

Project Manager

Email   jeffrey_barrows@ios.doi.gov
Phone 202-725-8004


Our Values



With Team FCG’s insight into current organizational development challenges we are able to customize and recommend a strategy and solution to quickly meet your specific needs.



We evoke transformation! Team FCG is positioned to assist and encourage agencies to meet and exceed federal mandates, such as the government wide diversity and inclusion mandate, Executive Order 13583.



Partnership is a vital part of our business. We treat our partners with respect and honesty and receive the same in return. We advocate the free flow of ideas between our partners to achieve goals and perform on a higher level.



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